Biografy ADLER A.F. born 1955 in SouthBavaria, Germany

Studies of FineArts under the guidance of Prof. Dr. hc Markus Lüpertz
Master of Arts within the class of Prof. Helmut Middendorf

ADLER A.F. works in her studios in the international arthouse
Tacheles Berlin and in Munichs creative occupied villa
Member of GEDOK München and Max-Beckmann-Association
Scholarship in France, Italy, Spain, Ucraine, USA (New York, Miami)
Headmaster&managagement of MOCU, Museum of contemporary
UPART, Munich Documentation by Metropolitan ART TV:

ArtAwards: Lerchenauer Kunstpreis, KunstAwardArsAttersee,
Publikumspreis Kleinwalsertal, Salzachpreis mit gottschalk*Berlin,
BavariArt Award 2009
solo&group EXHIBITIONS in Germany, France, Netherlands,
Liechtenstein, Austria, Poland, Schwitzerland, Ucraine, USA

ADLER A.F.s artwork is collected in museums in San Francisco,
New York and Montreal, Canada
Main aspects of the work of ADLER A.F.: large-formated paintings,
Rupfnbilder and Trash-Art, performance and conceptual art, anarchistasistaProject with Berlin artists
Performer of 20 sec sculptures, convention Center, ArtBaselMiamiBeach

Curator of t.a.te modern Munich, Germany
Art Director of the TrashArtMagazine, Berlin - Munich
Foundation&director of the first and only Trash-Art-Museum
in cooperation with the experts of Kunst-Stoffe in Berlin
TrashMuseumDocumentation im metropolitanArt TV:

Participation on ARTBasel Miami Beach 2008: ArtTent Scope
Initiator of Salzach Biennale
curator of the International Open Art Festival, Salzburg, Austria
Participation on Art Basel 2009, Art Tent scope

ADLER A.F. shows TrashPlastiques or sculptures and the multiple
dimension of obviously worthless litter at the end of our consumers chain.
She demonstrates how TashArtefacts inbetween - artwork and/or garbage- maintains a very own artistic value and developes a political-sociological dimension.

Excerpt : art-historical essay concerning the work of ADLER A.F.
Dr. Henning Gosebarth, artcritic-author, Zürich 2008

mobil: +49 179 610 1195